336 South River Road
Calais, ME


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PACKAGE DEPOT offers the LOWEST average cost per package in Calais.
Our first price point of
$3 USD or $4 CAD
< 6' and < 50lbs.
This $3.00 cost covers over 75% of the packages you will have shipped here.

$5.00 USD - $7.00 CAD
Packages >6 feet on any side but still < 50 pounds also including tires and wheels.

$10.00 USD - $14.00 CAD
Packages >50 but < 75 pounds.

$15.00 USD - $20.00 CAD
Packages that are >75 but < 100 pounds.

$25.00 USD - $34.00 CAD
All pallets and packages >100 pounds.

Please inquire about our commercial discounts for bulk business package delivery.

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About Package Depot:

Cari Anne and Mike acquired Package Depot from Faith Mitchell-Gillespie (Bruce's widow) after his passing in February of 2020. Cari Anne did accounting functions for Bruce and assisted Faith in closing the company out of Bruce's name here in US.

Unfortantuly this was at the start of Covid, with the decreased revenue we had to make a move from the 338 North Street location. It took some time and an additional move to an alternate location for a short period of time.  Ultimatley, we found the perfect location for us!! 

We have our new forever business home located at 336 South River Road in Calais. We closed on the property on 1 April 2021 and have been steadily building the inside to what we need to better serve you now and into the future.

Our team is here to assist you in all your package and shipping needs!  


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