Downeast Hub is home to:
Package Depot
Big Dog Ledger Management and
Wicked Green Farm Coffee Roasting

What makes
Downeast Hub LLC
a Hub.

Downeast Hub LLC was created as a place for our
businesses to be housed under one roof.
Since creation, we have grown to include more services.

Other businesses that DEH is contracted with for business.
Downeast Hub LLC has contracted with a handful of billion $ per year businesses in order to change gears, survive the pandemic, and grow as a vital part of the community with the many PROFESSIONAL services we provide.

Businesses are listed in the order they contracted with DEH.

Red Bull
Downeast Maine’s product distribution facility for other local businesses.
U-Haul and U-Box
Downeast Maine’s closest U-Box dealer outside of Bangor, Maine and Moncton, NB, Canada!

Old Hickory Buildings

Downeast Maine’s eastern most dealer serving Southern NB, Canada as well.

ECOER heat pumps

DEH is now ECOER’s parts distribution facility for the entire Eastern United States AND Canada. We replaced Miami, Florida for this honor.

Downeast Hub LLC

Downeast Hub LLC was created as our parent company that can house and help maintain our other businesses. Downeast Hub LLC is home to:

Package Depot

Big Dog Ledger Management

Wicked Green Farm Coffee Roasting

Package Depot

First, let me say that Package Depot is here to provide our patrons with the best overall customer experience when it comes to their packages.
Moreover, our wait time is minimal and our staff is knowledgeable.
Also, Package Depot has dedicated team members that specialize in packing and shipping. Unquestionably, Package Depot is here for you. Unlike the competition, Package Depot is a one stop shop for packages.
Finally, our fast, reliable, and professional service gets you in and out faster, with less hassle, and more bang for your buck.

Big Dog Ledger Management

You are correct. Big Dog Ledger Management gets it name from our love of BIG dogs. Chesty was 165lb Anatolian/Pyrenees cross and Bjorn is a 175lb Central Asian Sheppard.

BDLM is here for all your bookkeeping needs. From payroll, sales tax, journal entry, account clean up, and annual TAXES.

Big Dog Ledger Management can keep you in order.

Future area for ECOER heat pumps!

Keep checking back for more information on the most efficient heat pumps on the market.

ECOER! <– click here to see their website.

Wicked Green Farm Coffee Roasting

Locally roasted coffee seeds from around the world.

Rwanda – Papua New Guinea – Indonesia – DR Congo – and

Join thousands of Canadian Maritime users and see why
Package Depot is #1!

Stay in the loop with everything you need to know.

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