Private Mail Slot

For the next level of service.

Annual Billing Payment
Starting @ $155.00/yr

Smallest Box - $155.00
5.5" W X 11.5 T" X 12.5" D 
(Savings of 62% off USPS Rates)

Largest Box - $195.00
11.5" W X 11.5"T X 12.5" D
(Savings of 60% off USPS Rates)

If you are a full time customer of Package Depot, then this is your best option. It offers you a PMS for all your personal mail and $1.00 discount on all other packages sent to Package Depot. This option requires a PMB number change to correspond to your box number here.

If you are local and have a PO Box, this option is for you as well. Our fees SAVE you 60% OR MORE from the USPS prices for a PO Box.

Our service are available to everyone.


Semi Annual Payment of $100.00/yr

This option is great for the transient workforce that has grown as a result of the past few years. We offer a secure place for you to get your mail.
When your job contract here is done, you are able to forward your mail to whatever address you choose by filling out a USPS Change of Address form. 

There are NO
Sign up fees
Cancelation fees
Forwarding fees*.

This option is in blocks of 6 months and is perfect for our transient workers in the area.

* AFTER you have done a Change of Address Request with the USPS, this is a ONE TIME service of mail already at this facility. After that, regular rates will apply for forwarding.