Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PMB number and how much does it cost? 

A PMB number is a "Private Mail Box" number.
It is FREE and given to you when you sign the US Postal Form 1583 that allows Package Depot to act as your mail agent to collect your mail and packages.

How much does it cost to use Package Depot?

The simple answer is that it depends on the size of the package. Our fee schedule below is the lowest fee per box cost in the area.

$3.00 < 6 feet on a side AND < 50 lbs.
$5.00 > 6 feet on a side AND < 50 lbs. Including tires and wheels.
$10.00 > 50 lbs. BUT < 75 lbs.
$15.00 > 75 lbs. BUT < 150 lbs.
$25.00 > 150 lbs. but <2,001 lbs.
$35.00 Oversized Pallet- >2,001 lbs. but < 4,000 lbs. or X-long pallets

What is a "Private Mail Slot" and how much does it cost?

Mail slots are for people that would like to get their mail here as well. It is much like a box at the Post Office only larger and costs MUCH LESS.

The Private Mail Slots here are $150.00 per year (paid annually). We will hold your mail for as long as you need. We incentivize the use of the Private Mail Slot by giving you $1.00 off each package sent to Package Depot.

Why do I need a Private Mail Slot?

Without a private mail slot, general mail is put into a "general mail slot". This mail is only given to you if you ask for it as we have no way to know who has mail in it. We do not separate standard incoming mail into private mail slots unless a mail slot is purchased. The mail in the General Mail Slot is returned to the USPS after 12 months of the postmark for non pick up as "Not At This Address".

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. Our business is fully licensed, inspected and signed off to operate in Calais and the State of Maine as a shipping and receiving warehouse and storage facility.

We are fully insured through a local insurance company.

What other services do you provide?

We are also an Authorized U-Haul U-Box Dealer with trucks, trailers and indoor U-Box storage.
We do Tax preparations from Jan - May of each year.
Big Dog Ledger Management is our Accounting firm.
We have fresh roasted coffee from all over the world.
And of course - Package Depot